New home for your server

Collocate your server into a modern datacenter on Tiskarska street in Prague, where we’ll provide space in a rack and connection to the internet.

Rack Housing

24/7 Support

Technical support in the datacenter deals with customer requests throughout the year, 24/7.

High-speed ports and IPv6

Every server is connected to the internet by a dedicated 1 Gbps port. There is also a 10 Gbps connection available. We support IPv6.

Customer servers

1U, 2U or even bigger servers in a rack can be placed within the datacenter. We also provide tower servers of different sizes.

Security of the datacenter

Only employees and pre-authorized persons have access to the datacenter.

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What else can you order with Server Housing?

  • SFTP back-ups

    Dedicated storage space where the customer backs up their data. The scheme and backup processing is controlled by the customer. The client accesses the data through secure SFTP protocol. This offer is also available separately and doesn’t need to have any server services.

  • Backup - Bacula

    Controlled data backup. The backup scheme is set as an incremental backup once per day a full back-up once per month. We keep data from 30 days back. Restoration of the back-up we do completely free of charge. The back-up scheme can be customized as well.

  • Firewall

    For the dedicated server or for server housing, it can be purchased SW firewall at outer border of network components or a physical firewall (Cisco ASA, etc.)

  • Administration of servers 24/7

    If you would like to administrate the operation system of the server, go to Managed server. It’s a professional service which includes complete administration of HW and SW servers.

  • Mailhosting

    Placement of the customer email boxes on the mail server. Available services include: pop3, smtp, imap, webmail, antivirus, antispam. This service does not serve as bulk email with the newsletter .

  • Bulk emails

    Intelligent email distribution with newsletters. Special solutions for trouble-free email delivery to customer inboxes. Resistant to spam filters.

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