We are SuperHosting. For 13 years
we’ve been providing reliability
in server solutions.

A range of well-known Czech brands cooperate with us:

We find the right server directly for you

In addition to a wide-range of servers, we provide individual server solutions that are customized for our customers. Write us your requests and we will get in touch within the following work day.
Dedikovaný server
stín dedikovaný server

Dedicated servers

1Gbps connectivity unlimited in the Czech Republic and abroad

The physical server is great for hosting web applications or as storage for a large volume of data. Our team of technicians at the datacenter handles any hardware administration and takes care of the operation of your servers 24/7.

Server E3 Start
114 € / month
1 x Quad-Core E3-1230
2 x 2 TB HDD
Server 2x E5 Database+ SSD
196 € / month
2 x Eight-Core E5-2620
2 x 480 GB SSD

Managed servers

Dedicated servers with administration

Server with full support. We take care of hardware and software administration. The system is managed by experienced administrators. Do what you’re best at and leave the rest to us.

Managed Server Virtual
129 € / month
2 x CPU
100 GB HDD
Managed Server Start+
270 € / month
1 x Quad-Core E3-1230
2 x 480 GB SSD, 2 x 500 GB HDD

Do you need to connect your own servers to the network?

We also offer a server/rack housing service, where we keep the customer servers in a rack and we connect them to a 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Internet connection. Technical support at the datacenter is available 24/7.

Safe datacenter for your servers and data

1.8 Tbps
Connectivity to the whole world
Standards of the datacenter
6 ms
Average latency to the customer
Technicians work