Terms of website use

  1. General Provisions

    The Operator of the website www.superhosting.net is SuperNetwork s.r.o., with its place of business registered at Praha 10 Vinohrady, Na Šafránce 1820/27, postal code 101 00, company ID (IČ) 25492063 (hereinafter referred to as "the Operator"), which complies with Act no. No 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended, is entitled to exert property rights to these pages.

    The Operator claims all rights under the Copyright Act to the content of the Site, including text and design, technical drawings, graphics, all illustrations on these pages, as well as the selected arrangement of the files contained on this website.

    The Operator hereby publishes the conditions of use for the www.superhosting.net website (hereinafter referred to as the "Conditions"). This website is free of charge to the public and these terms of use serve as the basis of conduct for the website and are to be abided to.

  2. Terms of Use

    The User is obliged to comply with legislation enforced in the Czech Republic, with good morals and in compliance with these conditions and, in the use of www.superhosting.net, will not in any way harm the reputation of the Operator or other users. In particular, the user is obliged not to:

    • interfere with the security, technical composition, or contents of this website, or otherwise misuse it,
    • interfere with the use of this website for other users,
    • use the website for sending spam, chain messages,
    • send messages containing viruses, or any other dangerous or harmful programs to this site,
    • create false messages for the purpose of falsifying the identity of the sender, or attempt to hack the account of other users,
    • attempt to gain access to the areas of this website that are excluded from public access, to distribute or spread messages or materials on this website that violate legislation of the Czech Republic
  3. Limited Liability of the Operator

    The content of www.superhosting.net is only informative and of a non-binding nature.

    The Operator is not liable for any incomplete information or for the accuracy of the displayed information. The disclosure of any personal data and information on this site, with the exception of these conditions, is not in anyway an act establishing a legal relationship between the Operator and the User, unless expressly stated otherwise in a separate individual case.

    The Operator may at any time, without prior notice, make changes to the information presented on this site.

    The Operator is not liable for any harm or damages that users may incur in relation to the use of this website.

  4. Protection of Personal Data

    Access to the website www.superhosting.net or some services provided by the Operator on this website may be completely or partially contingent on the fact that some of the user's personal data be provided in compliance with Act. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data.

    The Operator is obliged to handle this personal data in compliance with applicable legal regulations including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and to use it only to the extent that is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was obtained and in such a way as to avoid any detriment to the subject of this personal data. The Operator may further use this data for its own internal use, in particular for analyzing and evaluating potential risks, monitoring the quality of services and client satisfaction.

    The User agrees with the above procedures of the Operator.

    Personal data is secured by the Operator according to modern technical standards which ensure the maximum possible protection of data processing by unauthorized access or transmission, before its' loss or damage, as well as possible misuse.

  5. Automatic information storing

    We can automatically store data which serves the following purposes:

    • Technical administration of the website
    • Research and Development
    • Customer administration
    • Marketing

    All data provided is stored on a secure server. The administrator / processor shall do everything in its power in order to prevent the misuse of any data provided. Users' email addresses and any other information will not be disclosed to third parties by the administrator / processor unless the User himself/herself publishes the information within a personal profile. The administrator / processor can send the User an e-mail or even an SMS message. Messages may contain promotional content. The sending of these messages may be disabled, and the instructions for doing so are always contained within the message.

    Each User may require a machine-readable listing of all such data, explanation, data repair, anonymization or deleting data in connection with the processing of his/her personal data. The administrator / processor will provide synergy according to applicable legal regulations and GDPR upon request sent to e-mail address sales@superhosting.net. The administrator / processor verifies the sender of the request. The request must be sent from the email address to which the user requests the data. The deadline for giving the statement is 30 days.

    The administrator / processor is entitled to request further information from the User in the future and is entitled to cancel the User's registration. Most of the User activity on this site is monitored for security reasons and for upholding compliance to the provisions or other standards. The web https://superhosting.net uses cookies technology. Cookies are used to monitor the traffic to the website https://superhosting.net (namely Google Analytics), to store user preferences, and for promotional purposes (so-called Remarketing or Retagging). Based on the cookies, you can see an ad displayed targeting visitors to https://superhosting.net. If you wish not to accept cookies, you must leave the website or disable the cookie feature in your web browser settings for this website. Please note that disabling cookies may interfere with the functionality of the website. For more information visit https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies .

  6. Concluding Provisions

    These conditions are subject to unlimited change.
    The Conditions were published on 23. 5. 2018.