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Free SSL Certificates


Now we offer trusted SSL certificates for free with technology Let's Encrypt.

The service Let´s  Encrypt is changing the history of SSL certificates. Nowadays the providers of Hosting service straight away issue the certificates. No fees is charged for certificate.

The previous process of purchasing and maintenance of SSL certificate was complicated.

Technology Let´s Encrypt transmits management and creating a certificate to provider of hosting service and provide easy deployment and management of HTTPS by few simple commands.

This avoids the confirmation emails, phone calls, complicated editing and regular expiration on the website.

Preparation of the certificate, its deployment and management will be solved for all customers of Managed servers by SuperHosting.

Certificate renewal is done automatically by SuperHosting.

If you would like to add SSL from Let´s Encrypt to your site, contact technical suppport of SuperHosting.


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New processor Intel E5 V4 8 core

Processor Intel E5 series will shortly be replaced by new E5 series V4.


Free SSL Certificates

Now we offer trusted SSL certificates for FREE, with technology Let's Encrypt.

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