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Measurement connectivity

The standard of all newly established services is connectivity at 1 Gbps port.

Within the speed of 1 Gbps are no fixed limits on the volume of data transferred in all directions and to all destinations.
The customer has available for usage full bandwidth of supplied port by which can be transferred an unlimited amount of data. We guarantee dedicated and unshared connectivity without the restrictions of data transfers.
  • Data transferred within the CZ is not limited or charged.
  • Transferred data within SIX and abroad isn't limited as well. Relevant is the real utilized bandwidth. We measure and we bill them using the 95% percentile method.

Real used connectivity

Using multiple connectivity beyond the limit of the selected package is very easy. Due to the zero constraints, connectivity can be used up to the speed of the connected port.

On request, it is possible to limit the connectivity speed according to the selected package e.g. 10 Mbps.

95% percentile

This measuring method separates the top 5% of the measured values ​​from the remaining 95% of the ​​overall used bandwidth per calendar month.

The measured values ​​are available in the tool Wise eye, which is part of the customer interface.

Sample example of measurement

Graph demonstrates the output from the Wise eye for a calendar month May 2012.


  • Measured connectivity is divided into CZ traffic, SIX (SK) and Upstream (abroad)
  • The measured values ​​are then divided into incoming (IN) and outgoing (OUT) traffic - the higher value is relevant for evaluating overall connectivity usage 
  • Variables are also the current value (Cur), average value (Avg), 95 percentile (95th%) - the value of real use and maximum value for the given month (Peak)


To demonstrate the calculation from the graph, we will use the values of connectivity.

The above customer has reached the maximum 96.62 Mbps for May 2012, but according to the methods of the 95th percentile used only bandwidth of 28.27 Mbps.

From the foregoing implies that the BASIC connectivity package with 50Mbps SK connectivity is sufficient for the customer.

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